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Fignel Plugin, the bridge between Figma and Elementor, empowers you to effortlessly transform your Figma designs into stunning Elementor pages. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to seamless design integration.

Work cosmically fast thanks to templates

Our team has been working hard, and now we are thrilled to present you with an updated fignel plugin.our latest update features quick support, optimized templates for all of your designs and improved speed.

It’s never been easier to work with elementor.


How It Works

Component 15 – 1


Design the site in Figma according to the guidelines

Group 7662


Select the page or element you want to export and with the click of a button convert the design automatically

Component 16 – 3


Upload the file from your computer to Elementor Builder and publish your site

For Developers, Designers
and all
Web Creators

Enjoy complete
design freedom

Elevate your design game! Transform static designs into live websites within seconds. No coding knowledge required. Today, UI/UX designers can effortlessly bring their designs to life with just a few clicks.

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Save time. work less.

Fignel helps you reduce development time by up to 75% and allows you to instead focus on perfecting the tiniest details of your website, rather than starting from a blank slate.

No-Code. More style.

From now on, you can direct your focus towards designing and elevating your sites, landing pages, and pop-ups to the next level without the need for coding.

Design with the most popular design tool, give style to your designs and convert everything to Elementor on WordPress, without using a single line of code.

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Get started with Designer made templates

Don’t start from scratch, save time and utilize our pre-designed templates and pages which are readily available to download.

Unlimited Creation

Design web pages & PopUps with freedom and style using Figma and bring your vision to life with Fignel.

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img accordion
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Group 7675
google maps
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img gallery
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Fignel Converts 60+ Widgets To Elementor

With more than 60+ powerful widgets, create and build your page with Figma. We keep up to date with every new widget addition to Elementor and accordingly release new widgets every month

Component 16 – 3

Loved by creators

Here’s what people are saying about us

Jennifer M. Hensley
Jennifer M. Hensley
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Thank you so much for creating this WordPress Elementor tutorial video! t was extremely helpful in understanding how step-by-step instructions and visuals made it easy to follow along and implement on my own website. The ElementsReady addon is a great addition to Elementor, it provides a lot of extra widgets and features to enhance my website design and functionality
Dheeraj Parwal
Dheeraj Parwal
Read More
Extremely user-friendly and does not require users to have any experience with HTML coding. The flow is very intuitive and overall simple to use. Very effective solution! Totally recommend!
Meeta Sadhwani
Meeta Sadhwani
[email protected]
Read More
It's not an ordinary tool but a revolution. Quickly and effortlessly converts Figma to Elementor. So easy to use and smooth. Highly recommend saving time, money, and effort.
Nikol Sergeev
Nikol Sergeev
Read More
I've been using for a while now, and it's been a game-changer for me. The plugin's ability to convert individual components or entire pages into live WordPress websites has simplified my workflow and saved me countless hours.
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I use figma free and elementor free. I am so grateful that Fignel works even without being oblige to subscribe to both. Hoping for a gutenberg exporter of this plugin. I give 5 tacos for this excellent product!
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I already started using this, having come across it in the Figma plugin library. It’s not only a great tool, it actually helped me level up my skills in Figma by following the guidance to get imported design files ready for import to Elementor. Well worth the small investment here. Take all my tacos
Read More
Good to Go!
Never used Figma until this product; looks like I've been missing out. This plug-in very easy and powerful now! Using this every day now!
Read More
Working with Fignel was a great pleasure. The team is very precise on the jobs and super handy if you’re not super to Elementor or Figma. The job was also complete din time. We hade a great time working with them and can’t wait for a new project together.
Read More
As a web designer, I feel fortunate to not to miss this deal I was lucky enough today not to miss a deal like Fignel. I'm always on the lookout for tools that can help me streamline my workflow and save time, and Fignel definitely delivers on that front. Hopefully this great tool has a great team like the team behind Elementor who are always developing and never abandoning their product. I will always support Fignel. Thanks for coming to AppSumo so I can find out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We will be able to bring peace between the groups with FIGNEL’s help, and we will create a better world together with a common language.

You can find it in your personal account under “Subscription Suspend“. Additionally, you can suspend your subscription through the email you received from our payment provider.

Our team is currently performing a final review of your order to ensure that everything is just right for you. Your order will then be processed in the shortest time possible (maximum 1 business day).

In most cases, you need to enable the “Flexbox Containers” feature in your Elementor settings (Elementor > Settings > Features > Flexbox Container).

For the best results, we recommend using Auto Layout in your design. You can find more details about this in our rules.

Yes, we do! In the following link, you can find our documentation, as well as tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

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