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How It Works

Our Figma plugin will save you a lot of time in the development process by working with the Elementor visual builder for WordPress.

Start the development process more Efficiently , with the right approach to design

The plugin will take your Figma design layout, and convert it into a JSON template file, that will be imported to your Elementor template library.
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You will have a clear layout of your design page

Use all features of Figma App, discover the Auto Layout design process, and you will save a Ton of time in the development process

Follow these steps and make your work even more fun

1№ Step One

Find Fignel in Figma plugins, start with our trial 14 days version, get a license key, and start enjoying the process. Convert an unlimited amount of pages with your own unique design.

step 1
step 1
step 2
step 2

2№ Second Step

Use the Auto Layout function and Create sections, columns, and all other parts of your design. Also, you can use our documentation and follow rules, on how to work with Auto Layout.

3№ Third Step

Just with a few clicks export your layout to a JSON file and import it into your Elementor templates library. And BAM! your website will appear live.
step 3
step 3